By working as curators and modifiers of people's memories, we have investigated the in-between moments of where reality gets lost and memories begin.

We've played with various mediums to represent how the things we remembered are not always how they first occurred.

We have created a zine, which can be viewed online and was printed in a limited print, as well as an accompanying video.

Please find the zine here:

And watch the video here:


Memories have the most detailed textures-images, sounds, smells, music–and they flow through our mind like compositions.

When we try to describe what we see/hear/feel, the details and textures of these senses are lost to the plainness of language.

For our final Intermedia II project, we want to explore how multiple media platforms allow us to externalize our memories in aesthetically dynamic ways.

But we need your help!

Think about a memory (or memories) that stand out in your mind.

It could be a picture, a story, a journal entry, poetry, video, an audio recording, whatevs. Since this is an 'open' project, we are keeping the submission guidelines a bit relaxed, but keep these questions in mind:

Based on the 'memory artifact' you submit, we will construct a zine spread for it, as well as a corresponding audio-visual representation. Essentially, we will construct a multimedia interface of your memory.

We ask that each submission provide one 'artifact' (image, video, writing, etc) and complete this questionnaire:

  • What sense triggers the memory?
  • What does your memory look like? feel like? sound like? 
  • What differences are there between your memory and reality?
  • How has media and technology influenced the structure of your memories? 


For more information please contact us at